Twin Brazilian street artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, collectively known as Os Gêmeos (previously featured here), just completed this awesomely huge, vibrant and detailed piece covering six towering silos on Granville island in Vancouver, Canada for the Vancouver Biennale. These massive Giants are the brothers’ largest work to date.They spent three months painting the 75-foot-tall industrial towers in their distinctive colorful style, full of smaller hidden characters. A successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign helped the brothers cover the expenses needed to complete this non-profit public art project.

The twins spent the final days adding numerous details to their characters – pockets, stitches, buttons, shoes, fabric patterns, all by using lots of bright colors and by painting more and more signature yellow faces. Using the architecture of the silos, the giants are all kneeling with four of them facing one way, and the other two facing the other way, giving the finished work a full 360 degree identity.

Visit StreetArtNews and Arrested Motion for additional images of this amazing installation.


The folks at Bored Panda assembled an exceptional collection of 33 examples of Awesome Anamorphic Artwork, including work by Dutch artist Ramon Bruin, aka JJK Airbrush (previously featured here), Italian artist Alessandro Diddi (previously featured here), Chilean artist Wladimir Inostroza aka Fredo, Syrian artist Muhammad Ejleh, and Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki.

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Letters are full of awesome potential. Combine enough of them and you’ve got a declaration of love, a sidesplitting joke, a life-saving message in a bottle, a precious secret, a poem, a novel or a Broadway play. Swiss visual artist and graphic designer Cyril Voilloz manipulates letters in a much different fashion. He treats them as visual playthings that can be poked to squirt ink, peeled from their paper, pulled and twisted from a sketchbook onto a computer screen or opened to reveal their internal components. It’s typography that teases 2D letters into 3D objects and we love it.

Visit Cyril Voilloz’s website or follow him on Instagram to check out lots more of his awesome artwork.

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Photographer: Thandiwe Muriu
Makeup Artist: Cultured Ego
Model: Anok Kuol

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Princess Fashion Collection by HigSousa




Super selfies

Selfies. Selfies everywhere

I defy someone to re-draw the cover of The Killing Joke as a selfie.

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A Ghibli movie raided the train.

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